Company Profile

Al Hoty Group

AL HOTY GROUP is a very sound financed company with professional operated Services, conducting successful business operations in Saudi Arabia since 1972.The Al Hoty Group was established by Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Hoty.

Al Hoty Group consists of four companies, Al Hoty Co Ltd, Al Hoty Stanger Ltd Co, Al Hoty Calibration Services and Al Hoty Pest Control. Throughout these years, the group of companies has retained flexibility and adaptability to respond to the various market trends accordingly.

Al Hoty Company Ltd

Al Hoty Co Ltd is part of the Al Hoty Group and a 100 Per Cent Saudi Owned Company. It is established back in 1972. The Al HOTY COMPANY LTD is endowed with a diversified and responsive management staff that offers optimum structure for meeting with our client’s requirements.

Al Hoty Stanger Ltd Co

Al Hoty Stanger Ltd Co is a limited liability company registered in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has traded since 1975 when the company was awarded its first contract with Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO). Company activities include construction materials testing, water, chemical, soils, mechanical & metallurgical testing and analysis, non-destructive testing and inspection, failure investigation, paint and coating examination, geotechnical investigation, microbiological testing, polymer testing and electrical testing.

The fully equipped oil analysis laboratories offer services in lubrication, fuel, hydraulic, insulating oil and other fluid analyses. The company retains a working relationship with Stanger Consultants Ltd in the United Kingdom which in itself evolved from Harry Stanger Ltd. (founded in 1874).

Al Hoty Calibration Services

Al Hoty Calibration Services Established in 1980, Al Hoty Calibration Services has steadily grown establishing itself today as the full service premier calibration laboratory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Hoty Calibration Services is accreditated by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and also by the national accreditation of Saudi Arabia which is Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC).

The calibration facility operates at an environmentally controlled laboratory with a dedicated team of highly trained calibration engineers and technicians. Investment in the latest, more efficient, calibration equipment enables Al Hoty Calibration Services to provide a cost effective and quick calibration turnaround.

Al Hoty Pest Control

Al Hoty Pest Control is a part of the Al Hoty Group of Companies. Established back in 1977 and offer pest control services to the Government and also to many other individuals as well as companies who are striving to meet their demands. Prevention and/or the solution of the pest problem is an essential part of planned maintenance and public health programs.

The services include a comprehensive pest control and fumigation service to the Government, Industry and private sectors like: Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, Bakeries, Food Industries, Government Houses and offices, labor camps, etc in order to assist in establishing these standards.


With Continuous Improvement Of The Quality Of Our Services And Professional Enhancement Of Our Technical Capabilities, We Aim To Be The Most Successful And Efficient Organisation Providing Excellent Services To Our Clients And Contributing To The National Growth In Ethical And Professional Manner.


To Consistently Provide The Quality, Technical And Professional Services Conforming To The Client And Regulatory Requirements, In An Ethically And Professionally Suitable Environment.